Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Work Week

Lucky old me – I get a whole week off work at the holidays and I’m planning lots of gardening time! Which is great, because there is a LOT to do in the garden - I need some help.

If you would like to join me in the garden and work off some turkey, escape the relatives, or reduce your carbon footprint if you’re visiting SF for the holidays, please RSVP by emailing annie at and let me know what day(s) you’d like to come do some gardening. Available days are from December 26th to January 1st (our regularly scheduled monthly volunteer day) and we usually get started at 10am, though can start earlier or later.

Here’s a sampling of the sort of tasks we’ve got planned (and ones taken care of are crossed out):
  • Pruning Artemisia californicas, Romneya coulteri
  • Digging up Dahlia bulbs
  • Weeding the red bed, dog area, and pathways thoroughly
  • Mulching – trip to the mulch depot!
  • Potting up cacti that are being saved for the terraced slope project
  • Weeding the cactus wall
  • Planting some cool new plants we recently got
  • Removing diseased Cannas
  • Digging out old concrete on the back border and planting Calandrinias
  • Weeding the Mariposa Center Garden
  • Move Ceanothus from red bed, and Salvia mellifera from bench area, to dog area
  • Remove Vinca from back border
  • Plant lavenders in lavender hedge, and Clivias behind bench
  • Defoliating rose bushes, then pruning them
  • Severely edit the front border - naughty nasturtiums are back!
And here are the days that people have RSVP'd for so far (will be updated as we go):
  • December 26th (Annie, Nate)
  • December 29th (Annie, Jes)
  • December 30th (Annie, David, Emily, Riley) 
  • December 31st (Annie, Emily)
  • January 1st (Annie, Nate)
Update Dec 26th: Nate and I potted up loads of cacti, defoliated the roses, planted Clivias, rearranged the three Pericallis lanata by the bench, and weeded the paths.

Update Dec 29th: Jes and I thoroughly edited the front border, removing three wheelbarrows full of nasturtiums and corn marigolds and cutting back the floppy Gaillardias. I planted three Society Garlics (Tulbaghia violacea) in the middle back bed, deadheaded all the flowers there, and cut back the aster "Bill's Big Blue." I also planted a Hibbertia astera by the bench.

Update Dec 30th: Emily, Matt, David, Riley and I cut back the Romneya coulteri and Artemisia californica, planted Calandrinias on the back border, removed diseased Cannas, dug up all the Dahlias for storage, weeded some of the red bed, moved the Salvia mellifera to the dog area and various other tidying.

Update Dec 31st: I turned a Ceanothus "King Sipp" into a living hedge by tying it to a twig border with twine, and trimmed up the Agave americanas by the info sign at the front of the garden. Emily joined me and we planted a Phlomis purpurea by the top arch, weeded, and then went down to weed about half the Mariposa Center Garden.

Update January 1st: Nate and I weeded the paths quite a bit after successfully pruning all three roses. Later on I planted three Dudleyas and four Pelargoniums. I tied our Coprosma x Kirkii "Variegata" to the woven twig border next to it (hoping for living edging!) and found two rooted branches - moved them to the twig border too. Lastly I took a division of a Salvia leucantha and planted it in the front border.

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