Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fix those lights!

People have been asking me what's up with the street lights that are not working at the garden. Here's a message Jim posted last week about who to call - the more who do, the faster this problem wil be fixed, no doubt!

"Some of you may have wondered about the street lamps next to the garden that have been inoperative for the past 2 weeks or so. I called CalTrans today to follow up on my earlier call to 311 in SF. I was assured that the maintenence people would get right on it. There have been two car break-ins in the last 2 weeks on the block (including my Rover which had a window broken out and radio stolen). Be careful! In case you want to contact CalTrans about this problem, it is MSR ticket 509347; CalTrans # 5102864444."


  1. Annie
    Thanks for putting up a post. It is now approximately 1 month that the lights have been out. I called yesterday (again) and promised the CalTrans representative that I would post his phone number in the neighborhood (which I did last night) and that he would be getting lots of calls until the problem is fixed. He assured me that he would call the maintenence people "right away". It won't hurt for him to get lots of calls, though. It is disappointing that it takes this much effort to get people to do their job.


  2. It is disappointing - I'm waiting to hear back from Caltrans too about the dog area fence go-ahead and that's taken forever!


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