Thursday, December 2, 2010

Street lights update

After receiving calls from Jim, Annelle, Donna and me, seems like Caltrans have passed the buck to PG&E, stating that power was not getting to the light poles. Donna logged a ticket with PG&E and says:

"I also provided PGE the actual numbers on the poles so hopefully they will fix it soon. They indicated that they will come out and look at it within 2 business days. If they can't fix it that day, then they have up to 7-14days to get it fixed.

I will follow up with them again next week. In the meantime, I think Caltrans are now getting bombarded by calls.

Someone put up a flyer on one of the poles encouraging people to call Caltrans, I have since taken that sign down.

Can you post something on the blog just letting folks know that I will take responsibility for following up with PGE and folks can stop making service calls to Cal Trans?"

Well, I think that covers it! Thanks Donna, Jim and Annelle :)

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