Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Prunus cerasifera does not equal dog treats

As much as I love the photos, and to know that Annie and Matt haven't been killed by Cretan gypsies, enjoy your vacation no blogging!
Ok with that said, on to the work of the day. After work I moved a bunch of Canna from the left bed to the plant sale area, and made some nice compost mounds around plants that need extra help retaining water. I couldn't resist the Dahlia 'Arabian Night' tubers at Whole Foods, and 3 of them are now planted next to Salvia 'Anthony Parker' in the red bed by the dog run. The photo (courtesy of easytogrowbulbs.com) shows just how awesome the flowers are - I can't wait!

Also, word of caution to dog owners. My dog ate a bunch of the Prunus cerasifera fruit+seeds that had fallen around the bench (they are cherry-like), which the internet informed me is toxic. So be mindful if you have a scrounge hound!

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