Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jetlag begone!

Well today I was WIDE AWAKE at 5am (thank you very much Greece) so I went to the garden and watered the sale plants, and Matt helped me tidy the front bed. I also got some valuable assistance from Jess and Sophia which was great because it got hot and I was starting to become incoherent.

I swear I talked to some people in the garden today (Juana... Chris... John... Ummm...) but I am too sleepy to distinctly recall all the details of what I have no doubt were scintillating conversations on their parts.

After that I went home and drank tea, which was insufficient to perk me up... and now it's 6pm and I am READY for bed. Gah. Must stay awake and finish the labels for the plant sale on Saturday!

Pics show (above) Anemones - amazing color! And (below) the front strip, going bonkers.

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