Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm back!

Got back from Greece yesterday and the garden looks great! What a treat to see that Emily and Josh have been working away, getting ready for the plant sale on May 1st and making the place look lovely!

I got an email from Eddy who sent me this link: he wondered if this effort was inspired by P. Garden! You never know...

Update: in an effort to stave off jetlag I went back to the garden this afternoon with Matt after putting up about 20 posters for the plant sale on 18th st. Matt trimmed some plants back, and when Gina showed up with Tank, she and I weeded the lavender hedge and sowed some multicolored California poppy seeds there.

A sign has appeared on the bench asking people to put their cigarette butts in the trash.  I had been wondering what to do about that nuisance, and someone took care of it. Thanks!

Next came John with 4 big old Agaves! Three are unknown, one is A. scabra. He also brought several sandwich boards from Channing for the sale - thanks guys! By the way, if anyone needs an exceptionally knowledgeable and charming garden guru and/or photography-meister John is available. I need a fat grant so I can commission him to come work at P. Garden!

Later on I met Jamie and her happy dogs Bubba and Freya -  they were enjoying the sights and smells of the garden. I also met another couple with their cute dog but you know the jetlag got the better of me and my brain just refused to remember their names. Shame on me!


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