Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weeding and seeding

Today Matt cleared a 30' long strip next to the street, behind the "Wrong Way" sign, dug in compost and planted orange daisy seeds. I cleared out half the storm drain, made a path alongside, picked up rubbish, weeded next to Gary's door, removed mulch/trash/weeds along maybe 25' of his building, and applied compost. Oh how I wish I had a wheelbarrow, but I've nowhere to store one...

Jim and Carrie dropped by and said they'd spoken to a nice DPW lady who gave them two signs reminding people to pick up dog poop. Awesome! We agreed the best thing would be to put up signs, a dog bag dispenser, and direct people to the public trash can by the bus stop to deposit their bags. Jim even had the idea that Pawtrero Bath House might sponsor the dog bags or something, which would be perfect!

Yesterday I found some big Crassula ovata (Jade Plant) branches someone left on the street up the hill. I propped them up against Gary's wall with their toes in compost - maybe they will root. I'm not holding my breath, but I thought they deserved a chance.


  1. There's a pretty good amount of worms in the soil. Does that mean it's good for planting?

  2. the Guardian says yes!

    However, they seem to be living in the mulch... the soil is sort of rocky, clay and very thin... ?


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