Monday, January 26, 2009

Cleanup operation

This week our project is to remove the trash that has built up at the back of the lot (the homeless encampment) and Leah will return to prune the loquats (Eriobotrya japonica) etc back there so that problem doesn't come back, hopefully.

There's a beautiful Cordyline back there that we may be able to snag a sprout off to propagate too, and the entire back area is a veritable festival of dog poop. I want to make a hole and scoop a lot of it into there and let it decompose, though that area will probably always be the dog zone, so I don't plan to plant it up extensively.

If anyone is available to help with this task, let me know!

Also, those of you who have acquired dog poop stations, poop bags, signs etc. now is the time to install them! We can meet on the lot next weekend to discuss placement, or I can just pick 'em up and place them for you, if you like. The dogs of Potrero Hill thank you in advance.

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