Friday, January 2, 2009

To do list:

Things I need to get done in the garden, instead of buying more and more plants...

1. Move mulch that has trickled down the left side slope to areas that need it more.
2. Weed out some ivy before it takes over *glances nervously up the street to the nursing home with their ivy-takeover garden...*
3. Move compost heap to the top of the hill, at the left side of the dog area (wish I had a wheelbarrow!)
4. Procure a small cabinet or shed-like structure that I can put my gardening tools in, instead of having them live in my car.
5. Put landscaping timbers or some other structure around the beds so they are better defined, and don't get walked on.
6. Put up a dog poop bag station.
7. Clean all the pine cones and trash out of the storm drain, and also pick up more trash elsewhere.
8. Apply compost to the area between the storm drain and wall, so it's ready for some plants.
9. Find some broken concrete sidewalk slabs to make pathways with.

All this makes my back ache just thinking about it.... (I made a chiropractor appointment for Friday as I overdid it recently with all that digging! Oops...) does anyone want to help? :D

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