Thursday, January 26, 2017

Storm damage

Unfortunate Acacia
A couple of trees at the gardens got damaged in the recent storms - be careful out there! You can see from the pics Emily sent that they are somewhat horizontal...

At top is an Acacia stenophylla which has bent all the way over. Friends of the Urban Forest are coming out to straighten it and reattach to stakes.

Tragic Hakea
Then at bottom we have the second of the three Hakea suaveolens we planted which great up to be gorgeous but doomed. With a heavy canopy of evergreen, water-catching needles, they seem to get laden with water and then easily blown over in strong winds.

There's one left, leaning at quite an angle.... I wonder how long it will last?

Matt has cleared some of the Hakea away and we will complete that this weekend.

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