Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Changemaker Lecture & Visit

2nd Graders from Live Oak School
I had the privilege today of showing a gaggle of 2nd graders from Live Oak School around the gardens, and giving a lecture at their school. What a nice bunch of kiddos! Tons of great questions and they were very respectful, and fairly appreciative, of the gardens. We were able to corral them near the front entrance for a group photo - super cute!

As I was putting together my power point presentation for the 'at school' portion of the visit, I realized I had been giving this lecture since 2013. So much has happened at the gardens since then, including competing Pennsylvania Railroad Garden! Literally thousands of volunteer hours later (I keep track!) and the gardens are going strong. Many thanks to everyone who has lent a hand to Pennsylvania Street Gardens, and a Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you all around this garden, and especially this Saturday January 7th at 10am for a workday. We are hoping the rain will come in later in the day, so 10am is a great time to get a little outdoor time in and make the gardens shine!

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