Thursday, September 29, 2016

Theft... again.

Our community garden lock box got broken into, clearly by someone who had bolt cutters as the padlocks are gone. All our tools have been stolen - again. Very disappointing indeed.... this time a police report is needed I think. Here's a list of missing items in case you see any of them... please let me know: 

Hose reel - metal, 2 wheel, gray, large
2 hoses (one green, one grey)
3 pairs of pruners (Fiskars,
4 (?) trowels (wood handles, red handles)
1 heavy metal digging bar
2 shovels (one with green ended handle)
3 small and 4 large tubtrugs (blue, green, yellow, purple)
Tool box - gray and black
2 sprinklers (plastic)
2 brass sprayers
Brass “water key” for turning on city water
Tupperware box full of nitrile gloves (multicolored)
Clipboard and forms
Trash picker
4 (?) kneeling pads (green and purple)
First aid kit
Box of doggie bag rolls

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