Monday, September 5, 2016

Terrace planting

Matt and I decided the move some plants today, and give them a new lease on life. Several ratty looking plants had been planted at the bottom of the terraces to grow on a bit, and were starting to look pretty nice.

We dug them out and put them on the new top terraces and brights bed today:
1 Agave lechuguilla
8 Agave lophantha 
1 Agave salmiana
1 Agave tequiliana
2 Yucca aloifolia 
1 Yucca elephantipes (variegated)
1 Yucca "Silver Star"

This also involved moving several wheelbarrow loads of compost to the new terraces and amending that area a lot.

We also moved an Agave parryi to the middle border,  and planted a dozen Agave pups of various kinds in the "pup farm" we created for growing on small Agaves. I put several cuttings of Aloe striatula in the brights bed too, and several areas got a deep watering. Hope that tides the plants over for a while.

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