Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bench part four

Today Matt went off to his baseball game and I was bored so I went to Lowes and bought 700 pounds of rock and sand.

Eight 50# bags of gravel, six 50# bags of sand. And eight 2' long steel stakes. A lot cheaper than having it delivered, but as it turned out much more annoying.

I found the stakes which, being solid steel were about 20#, and carried them to the cashier, asked if I could pay, and then bring my truck around to have them place the bags in the back. Yes no problem was the reply, but after waiting 20 minutes and asking three more times, it became clear they didn't have anyone motivated to help. Finally I said well, I will go fetch the bags myself if I can get help loading them up. A small child was brought to assist me.

I'm not even kidding. I assume he was at least 16 but looked more like 13, and nothing like burly. When told what I needed he visibly blanched. I said alright, let's start with finding a flat bed hand truck and he pointed at one far off in the distance of the parking garage and indicated I should go and get it.

By this stage my patience had worn through, and understanding that children are not born knowing the finer points of customer service I dismissed the child in order to save him a painful education. I got on with it myself, balancing on three piled up concrete bags to get the 50# bags of gravel off a shelf. With 14 bags loaded on my hand truck, I dragged it slowly to the exit where an employee asked if I wanted any help. Why yes... I'd love some help...

After that I went and did something else. More bench work coming soon...

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