Monday, May 9, 2016

Got trees? Make sure they are looked after.

This just in from our lovely pals at Friends of the Urban Forest:

"After years of research and preparation, we have crafted a ballot measure that will finally fix San Francisco's broken policies for street trees and sidewalks. FUF is urging all elected Supervisors to place the measure on the November ballot, and we need you to let your Supervisor know this measure is important to you.

***Click here to send a quick email to your Supervisor, and fix our urban forest***

To ensure a thriving and safe urban forest for SF, the measure will:
  • Fix all the sidewalks broken by tree roots
  • Publicly fund the pruning of all street trees and fixing of sidewalks to keep them healthy and safe
  • Make the city -- not property owners -- liable for tree falls, limb drops, or trip-and-falls
  • Set the stage to plant and care for an additional 50,000 street trees
  • End the disastrous "tree relinquishment" program that punishes residents and trees

When the plan is enacted, the City will have adequate funds to maintain all street trees and adjacent sidewalks with high standards of care.  Property owners who have trees in front of their properties will be relieved of financial risk, and the streets will be safer for everyone.

This plan is good for trees and good for people!

Click here to send a quick email to your Supervisor, and save our urban forest.

Doesn't take a minute to send an email to our supe, Malia Cohen. Do it today!

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