Sunday, May 8, 2016

4 hours

Salvia gesneriiflora "Tequila"
Today Matt and I went up to PG to have our morning bagels and noticed a few (haha) jobs that needed to be done. One was staking up the Euphorbia lambii (again!) so we popped over the Flowercraft to buy some really good stakes. And a few plants.

We decided that after the staking we'd weed a little and ended up staying in the garden for four hours! Lots got done.

In the brights bed, I noticed our gigantic Salvia gesneriiflora "Tequila" is NOT dead and has re-sprouted which is great news and means the area will soon be fill of salvia again. Then I weeded five tubtrugs of weeds out and planted:

3 Arctotis "Hearts & Tarts"
3 Artemisia arborescens (Large Wormwood)
5 Aloe vera from the back terrace

I also moved half a dozen little volunteer Euphoribia characias in to better groupings, and rearranged some Aloe veras into a group too, and after watering I mulched the new plantings thoroughly.

Agave gypsophila
In the meantime, Matt moved some Aloe maculatas to the middle back bed and weeded all over. He grouped some stray Yucca flaccida "Garland's Gold" together, and some variegated Furcreaeas too. He also added a third Limonium (Sea Lavender) to the front border, so the pattern of purple flowers repeats nicely down the bed.

While he was hauling out weeds I planted a big Agave gypsophila that Emily donated to the garden. It needs more sun - you can see how different the new one (left) and established one are in form. The new one should perk up soon.

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