Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunny Faces and Workday Announcement

On vacation visiting the gardens
Our volunteer workday is coming up next week, Saturday June 7th, and of course you're all invited! We have lots of gardening to do before summer really heats up the garden. Many of the shrubs need to be pruned back and it is always great to get a jump on the weeds so that over summer they do not go to seed.

My Mom and I were able to walk the neighborhood a bit this afternoon to put up some volunteer fliers announcing the workday. We ran into a few garden volunteers, including Ana, who will hopefully be able to make the workday for a bit (yay!). We also ran into some ladies on vacation from Sonoma that were checking out the gardens. It was nice to hear that they considered Pennsylvania Garden 'a collectors garden' which I am sure Annie will be pleased to hear!

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