Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden More Glamorous After Workday

A meditation group that also
 volunteers together monthly, how awesome!
Maybe I've been checking out Annie's Annuals website too much, where a lot of colorful descriptors like 'glamorous' are used, but I do think the garden looks more glamorous after our volunteer workday yesterday! Grass has been a big problem up at Pennsylvania Garden this year. Having all the grass around really detracts from the beauty of some of the plantings, obscuring other plants form and color, the things that make them glamourous. Think of a Mercedes-Benz 300SL sitting in a field overgrown with weeds and barely visible, compared to the appeal it has on a showroom floor.

Eric, Michael and Nathan keeping
the grass in check
Anyhow, I whole bevy of new volunteers came today (yay!) to help us glam up the place, and many old friends too. Annie and Matt set about to do some specialized gardening as befits their vast skill and knowledge, and Carlin did a fantastic job taking care of the path along the cactus wall. Nathan weeded around pretty much chatting and working with everyone; what a nice guy! I got Michael and Eric started weeding the front order, and setup the team of Elana, Serina, Joanne and Chandnka wedding the middle back bed and eventually the back border. So much grass had grown up through the beautiful succulents, and they did a great job carefully picking weeds out. Janet and Mary worked at the Triangle Garden, removing loads of branches.

Please pardon our mess in the dog area;
the debris box is coming in a few weeks!
When you visit the garden there is a noticeable difference in how good it looks, but you will also notice a big heap of all our green waste in the dog area. Don't worry, we haven't gone crazy! Genentech is hosting a large garden workday later in the month (!) and we will
be further cleaning out the gardens and moving the green waste into a debris box provided by Recology. So please pardon our mess in the dog area.

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