Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weedy weed weed weed...

Kniphofia uvaria
Today Matt and I went out to make a dent in the weed pile formerly known as Pennsylvania Garden. In two hours we stripped parts of the left bed, top and bottom, the middle back bed and the bit behind the wrong way sign.

There is this one weed that goes absolutely mental at this time of year and I don't know its name. I spent well over a minute and a half looking for it on the website before giving up, but suffice it to say it annoys me. It crawls it's way through other plants and falls apart as you pull it out, unless you do it very gently.

Asphodeline lutea
Of course, when you're annoyed with a weed you want to yank it out harshly, so this takes some self control, but when you do it right the entire weed and all it's yards-long vines come out in one satisfying glob.

Five tubtrugs full of that later, we left the garden. Just don't look at the Triangle Garden (Anna spent 3 hours there today, weeding!) and Pennsylvania Railroad Garden (embarrassment of fennel) unless you're up for an extra weeding day with us soon!

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