Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting things in order for our volunteer workday

Graffiti be gone!
Our monthly volunteer workday is coming up this Saturday May 3rd from 10am-12, and of course you are invited, please come! To make sure things were in order to get maximum fun and benefit out of the workday, especially since Annie and Matt will be out of town, I headed out to the gardens. First, I spent a bit of time cleaning up the area by the shed so that it would be safe, and hopefully much easier, for whomever turns the compost next. Then, I scrubbed off the latest graffiti off from our signpost at PRG with some Acetone. With those chores finished I went through my usual pre-volunteer day checklist to get things ready:

Assess inventory: gloves, tools, drinks, burlap weed cloth. Luckily we're full up on gloves, but tools, drinks and burlap cloth need restocking. Trip to Center Hardware check.....

Survey the gardens:  Pathways, Trash, State of Compost, Check the various planting beds for looming big projects. As I wander around observing I make a list I'll prioritize later based on how many volunteer arrive on Saturday.

Talk with lovely neighbors and snuggle their dogs: OK, and I write this with a big smile on my face, because basically every time I'm getting some work done at either garden I run into a handful of absolutely lovely neighbors out for a walk with their friends/kids/dogs. This weekend was no exception. It may slow down the garden chores, but besides a love of gardening I really enjoy the community created around the gardens.

I hope that you get just as much (or more!) enjoyment our of the gardens, and can join us at our volunteer workday.

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