Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 year anniversary

Today is the 5 year anniversary of Pennsylvania Garden, the day that Matt and I went out and planted the very first plants on that nasty lot of land. Awww.

I looked back, and here's what we planted that day, with status update:
  • 4 Dietes - they rule; they're everywhere now
  • 8 Agapanthus - ditto 
  • 3 Hakea suaveolens - flowering as I type
  • 3 Kunzea baxterii - never a dull moment
  • 1 Coprosma australis (variegated) - kicks major butt
  • 2 Geranium maderense - um, not all that prolific...
  • 3 Ceanothus "King Sip" (ground covering/low) - superb border edging plant - trimmed some today in fact
  • 2 Geranium macrorhizum - bopping around int he left bed somewhere I think...
  • 2 Dianella Tasmanica - much too excitable, yet mostly dull looking. I removed and sold them.
  • 1 Aeonium - can't even remember where the original plant went, but we have dozens of them.

So yeah. Not bad for the very first selection.

Today we had a volunteer day too, and I should have brought cake except I only remembered it's the 5 year anniversary just now... oh well!

Emily, Matt, Eliot, Mary and Carlin came to help me weed the front border, turn the compost, weed and trash pick Pennsylvania Railroad Garden, cut back Stachys and Plectranthus, and generally get some biz done in the chilly December weather.

John also cam by with a truckload (literally) of Furcraea (some sort of species) which he and Matt went right ahead and planted at PRG, filling in some empty spots instantly.

Later on Matt moved an Agave parryi that had flowered by the arch up to the compost area, pulled out an Agave americana from the same spot and put it up in the dog area, and replaced the original A. parryi with a nice new one.

Good job folks - and happy birthday PG!

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