Monday, June 11, 2012


"Third Harmonic"
More thefts at the garden yesterday. I had heard that the thief was taking the plants to a Mission flea market so I went down to the Alemany flea market as it was on my way elsewhere. I did have a good time browsing, but none of my plants showed up...

Today I went out to water - we have a number of potted plants and newly planted plants that need a little drink. I rearranged all the potted ones so they're easier to water, gave the compost heap a water too (compost needs to be damp) and did a little trimming and weeding too.


  1. I am sorry to hear this- again.That is just despicable. How do you teach a person to have respect for others property and the greater good that all can enjoy if the plant is in a public setting....urgh.

  2. I know right? It's just one of those things that confounds me - why would someone be so selfish?


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