Friday, June 15, 2012

Another heatwave

Matt and the
flowering Agave parryi
Hot again today, and I went out to set a low sprinkler on the terrace pots at 9.30am, then went back out a little later to do some work.

The compost heap got a thorough soaking, as did all the new plantings in the garden. I plan to water them twice a week for the next couple weeks only. I also took care of some plants that needed to be potted up - at long last.

I potted up 24 Aloe veras, a Euphorbia cactus of some sort that Michele gave us, 4 Aeoniums of various sorts and 4 large Yucca cuttings that John gave us.

My temporary potting station
I also planted two Aeonium undulatum cuttings John gave us - hurrah! I have wanted that species for ages.

Lastly I did a little weeding, tidied up masses of pots and trash, and thought about how long it'll take to finish planting the terraces (forever.) That took 4 hours and I am totally exhausted. Phew!

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