Saturday, March 3, 2012

You call this winter?

Willa trims plants
After the 1/4" of rain we had on Wednesday, today's warm sunny weather and damp ground made gardening really pleasant.

I was joined in the garden by Willa, Carlin, Emily, Debbie, Nate and Tania. We took care of a few tasks and had a good time.

Willa deadheaded the daffodils, and then helped me prune the Salvia elegans. After that we were joined by Carlin, Nate and Tania in moving all the potted plants from the old shed area, as well as all the old bricks, and weeding the pots. Then we started placing the pots back in the cleared area as artfully as possible. When we're happy with the arrangement, we'll plant them.

Carlin's always cheerful
In the meantime Emily and Debbie went down and re-potted 4 of the many yuccas stashed in the Regent's Cab parking lot. All but one are rooted and growing fast.

They came back up to the garden and did a lot of weeding, while Carlin pruned the rest of the Salvia leucantha (Mexican Sage) plants back, as well as sundry other garden tasks, in between being interrupted by me. We bundled up a lot of trash to be sorted into recycling at my house.
Jes gave us these ice plants

Lastly, Matt busied himself fixing the lids of the compost bins and turning the compost over. I think the first load is almost ready to use!

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