Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turning lemons into lemonade

On Friday night someone dumped 10 full contractor bags on the 100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. I was pretty irritated until I stopped to take a picture of it to tweet to DPW @311* and saw that the bags were full of red bark mulch.

Being a recycler, and somewhat of a cheapo to boot, I had an idea. Tonight Matt and I hauled 8 of the bags up to the Mariposa Center Garden and spread them there as weed barrier. There are still a couple bags and a trash can full of mulch there but we got what we needed and I'll ask DPW to get the rest.

 Irritation: diminished. The mulch is a rather gaudy color but it'll do the trick!

Now who is this landscaper who keeps dumping stuff on our block?

*Yep: tweet @311 and they'll respond to illegal dumping and the like within 24 hours.

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