Monday, September 19, 2011

Middle front bed plans

Aeonium nobile
Now that the big variegated Echium "Pride of Madeira" is gone (RIP) what shall we put in its place?

Well, I planted a Leonotus leonurus in the hole that developed in the middle a few months back, so that'll provide a nice tough filler with orange flowers in fall... hurry up and grow!

But that does leave is with some gaps around the sides, and looking at some of the plants there, well, they could use some rearranging.

For one, the Agave attenuatas are off: one huge one at the edge, the two smaller ones further back, with the Aeonium collection sort of impinging on them. Then there are Achilleas around the base of the big Agave americana variegata, buried and sad. Two Kniphofias that were hidden under the Echium came to light as well. And a good-sized but rangy Aloe striatula is now quite tall after it's hunt for light through the Echium branches. Lastly a stub of Echeveria secunda glauca that I'd planted at the base of the Aloe has grown and branched out a lot - and got covered by nearby plants.

Rearranging all this can mostly be done now, as the majority are plants that accept summer transplanting (Aloes, Agaves, Echeverias etc) but the Achilleas and Kniphofias may want to wait a month or two. Which gives me time to choose another Agave for that spot, and rebuild the twig border. I think this is a job for the next volunteer day!

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