Saturday, September 17, 2011

Composters completed!

Today Matt built the final parts for the composters - the lids. He built them out of redwood, and screwed on the hinges, added handles on the tops and locks on the front (we're short one hasp so the last handle/hasp will go on tomorrow.)

Why locks? So that ONE bin is always open for "deposits" (i.e. your kitchen food scraps) and the other two are "cooking" new compost. Right now you can dump your kitchen scraps or compostable PG items (deadheaded bits, and so on) into bin number two - the middle one.

He also added the new sign, in case there's any confusion about what going in the bins (weeds and twigs can go on the heap).

Don't put weeds in the bins - we don't want to spread more weeds around the garden!

I emptied the worm bins into the new compost bins so they can get a head start, and we now have a worm bin and the old plastic composter available to anyone who wants them, in exchange for a donation to the garden, naturally! Email me if you're interested.

I also did a lot of weeding, and watered the left bed, middle back and middle front beds. It's the hottest, driest time of year and a lot of the plants are feeling parched.

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