Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warm + overcast = perfect gardening weather!

Mulch Master Matt
We had a great volunteer day today - thanks to everyone who came out to help! Matt and I were joined by Iris, Francisca, Josh, Cosmo, Amata, Jo, Carlin, Leigh, Tanya and Nate.

We powered through a bunch of tasks and I only hope I gave all our determined volunteers all the help and attention  they deserved. though I was rushing around a bit!

Francisca mulches.
First off, Amata deadheaded the daffodils and moved the pile of branches up to the dog area - a long overdue job.

After that, she thoroughly weeded behind the bench and, joined by Matt and Francisca, mulched the area too. That spot is won't need to be touched for probably 6 months now - can't wait till the Clivias start flowering.

Nate and Leigh
eradicate Cannas.
Nate and Leigh took out ALL the Cannas by the wrong way sign. They have been infected by the Canna virus so sadly we had to throw them all out, which was a massive task.

Completing this task does make room for some lovely, xeric plants though - I am imagining Leucadendrons and Aloes and Agaves as that spot is so desperately dry.

Carlin chops Cannas
Tanya and Francisca ripped out loads of Nasturtiums in the surrounding beds, hopefully ending the evil reign of Nasturtium once and for all.

Carlin (who I keep wanting to call Curlin - this is a compliment coming from me, believe it or not) pruned the potato bush (Lycianthes rantonnetii) - she'd pruned the Bolivian Fuchsia (Fuchsia boliviana) last week too so clearly she has skills in that department! Later on she took all the Cannas that had been dug up and chopped them into the compost bin.  Despite the sad demise of those plants we will at least be able to use them to fertilize other plants.

Josh pots cacti
Josh potted up a great number of cacti that had been languishing under the loquat trees. I bet those poor plants were really grateful! It was such a relief to see them all lined up with their roots in dirt at last - they may be tough but there's only so much they can take. These cacti are getting ready for a new life on the SPUR project (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) down the street so they do need to get ready for some harsh conditions.

And Cosmo... well, Cosmo is a dog so he did all manner of doggy things. Watch out for some very cute pics of him coming soon on the blog.

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