Monday, March 21, 2011

Important meeting

In 2010 Pennsylvania Garden received a grant from the Eastern Neighborhoods Public Benefit Fund.

On March 29th the Potrero Boosters are hosting a community meeting where you can have a say in the neighborhood you want to see.

The meeting will start at 7PM, and be held at the Neighborhood House (953 De Haro St. between 20th and 22nd).

The meeting will include conversation with the Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee (ENCAC), a group composed of community members appointed by the Board and Mayor to represent the interests of your neighborhood.

Let the ENCAC members hear your views on critical issues for our neighborhood: open space, transportation, street beautification, and child care. Over the next several years, the ENCAC will play a crucial role  in deciding how public benefit dollars are spent. More gardens anyone? Come and have your say!

For more information on the ENCAC, see Also, help us understand your ideas and concerns by filling out a 1-page survey at

Also at the meeting, representatives from the MTA will present the next steps for the EN TRIPS project, which is focused on infrastructure projects to improve transportation in the Eastern Neighborhoods (

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