Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Recurly's Earth Day Work Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and what better day to have a volunteer event?

We were contacted by the team at Recurly who were looking to make a difference in the neighborhood. We set up the perfect day and time for their team to get out and enjoy the sun.

Did you know? A lot of companies are encouraging volunteering now, and we benefit greatly from that. It's being called VTO - Volunteer Time Off - and a bit like PTO more and more employees are asking if they can help their communities with their employer's blessing in this way. Recurly stepped up to the plate!

John and Josh joined me for the two hour workday and the small but mighty team of 10 met at the north end of PRG and set about clearing weeds from around the rocks on the street side.

Let me  tell you, without any recent rain, the weeds were clinging in there tightly, so the job was pretty tough - and dusty! The sun was also beating down and it felt like mid summer. Staying hydrated was the key.

Despite the challenges, the team was enthusiastic and cheerful to the end! We managed to fill six bags with green waste, and made a huge pile of trash from the now abandoned encampment that's been at the corner for over six months now.

I put in three 311 app requests for pickup: one for green waste, one for loose trash from the encampment, and one for the three bags of trash dumped at the middle of the garden too (seriously people who live at 503 Potrero Ave according to the mail in the trash... along with three bags of used diapers... does your building not have trash cans?)

I also put in a text request for needle pickup to the SFAF Needle Pickup Crew at (415) 810-1337 after finding half a dozen of them at the encampment in the corner. The needle pickup team texted me back a couple of hours later to say they had disposed of the problem already! Love these guys.

Thank you Recurly for all your hard work - I hope you'll enjoy the gardens for years to come, and join us again one day :)

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