Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Planting more plants

Matt and I headed out to PG last weekend to get more plants out of our yard and into PG. Chris had mentioned it was looking pretty weedy, and he wasn't kidding - an explosion of weeds happened! However, we had planting business to do so those weeds will have to wait...

First up we unloaded six 15 gallon Cordylines from the trailer. We got 3 "Torbay Dazzler" and 3 "Red Sensation" because they are the most drought-tolerant varieties out there. Matt grouped them in the left bed and the middle back bed, and they got watered in.

Meanwhile I worked on weeding one side of the steps. Again. Didn't I just do that recently? Ugh! I planted 10 Achillea "Coronation Gold" there - the toughest, least invasive kind. I also found two large pups of the Agave there. Whose name I can't remember.... OK well now we have 4 of them on the right side of the steps. Surrounded by Achilleas. I can't think of a tougher plant grouping, but time will tell - this area has been changed up so many times over the years, and very few plants make it there. We'll see!

Also worth noting that there are lots of very SCENTED flowers in the garden right now. In the picture, clockwise from top left they are: cherry plum, narcissus, bronze loquat and mock orange. Go have a sniff - they smell simply divine!

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