Sunday, February 3, 2019

New plant from John!

Yesterday after the volunteer day Matt and I sped off to John's house, where he needed to find a new home for a LARGE Agave attenuata in his front garden. Luckily it's a very soft and toothless kind, because this specimen is huge. Like, "is it even going to fit in the car?" huge. Like "It probably weighs more than me" huge. And if it had teeth, someone would have been hurt.

Using ropes, a reciprocating saw, two wheelie bins and a piece of wood we managed to lower the Agave onto the ground and nobody got killed. Then it got into our car - just.

Today Matt and I took it to PRG and planted it - with the help of a random passer by - and it looks amazing.

Hope you enjoy it! And thanks John for always thinking of us :)

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