Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Very naughty weeds

Matt and I headed to the garden to weed over the weekend, and found the weeds to be a bit rampant up at the top of the garden. I don't even want to look at PRG! Happily we have a Genentech workday coming up soon, so that team will make a huge difference.

We cleared weeds from the plants in the new bed up at the top, and planted some new plants. An Agave impressa and a Furcraea longaeva joined the mix, as well as a beautiful Dasylirion wheeleri rescued from the cactus wall before the wall is demolished.

Weeds thrown on the path
We tried to rescue the huge, gorgeous Puya from the cactus wall too, but it's just too spiky - I cannot figure out how to get it out without damage to plant and human.  We will just have to hope that during demolition of the building next door, the plants do not get crushed. I am quite worried about the Aloe ferox there... perhaps we will need to build a shelter around it, so it's safe?

Cotyledon cutings
While I was clearing around the Puya, I removed a lot of Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga, and planted those opposite, at the bottom of the steps.

We moved around the garden, weeding and weeding... and generating quite a pile at the top of the garden. We're not filling the composters right now, as we plant to move those bins to a better location soon.

In other news, we have been propagating up a storm and now have a couple dozen Salvias ready to plant in the fall - that'll fill in the top bed nicely.

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