Sunday, April 1, 2018

Another day, another encampment

Chris let me know another encampment was growing at PG, so Matt and I stet out to sort it out. On arrival the camp was empty so I removed everything and called in a 311 to get it picked up.

After that, we weeded. Two of the compost bins are FULL now - good thing we have a volunteer day coming up to help shift that! I weeded around the Agaves by the wrong way sign, and also the Agave bed opposite that where the lovely blue Echiums are flowering by the bench.

Brody gave us two Agaves, and I planted those in the new top bed as well.

Lastly, Matt finished installing the two dog poop stations. One at PG, one down the street at PRG. They look great! No excuses dog owners - you have got to pick up your dogs poop!


  1. I was at your park yesterday. Truly stunning! I walked all the way up to the top and saw an encampment there, near some wooden storage boxes. Kind of a white tarp set up as a tent.

    1. Oh dear. I am encouraging all to call police non emergency to move along encampments as there has been a lot of damage (and at least one large fire) as a result of encampments. 415-553-0123 is the number.


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