Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Quick trip

On Saturday I spent a productive couple hours at the garden getting a few tasks done.

I cut back two Salvia leucantha (Mexican Sage) to get them ready for new growth and more flowers. You can see the before and after - you just cut them down to about 6" and leave the new growth to pop up from there.

I like to leave a few flowering S. leucantha all year round for the hummingbirds, so the rest of these can be cut back over the next couple months.

I also moved an Agave shawii into a better spot - there are some pups forming so hopefully that will spread out more.

The homeless encampment in the back of the garden is still gone, but the hole at the bottom fence appears to have been reopened.

Lastly I cut back some Santolinas and trimmed up and few other things. We got lots of rain so lots of weeds will soon follow... but the Chasmanthe are sprouting so look out for those orange flowers soon.

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