Monday, December 19, 2016

Clean & Green Team At Pennsylvania Garden

Visitors always welcome!
Many thanks to the Clean & Green team from SF Public Works for coming out to Pennsylvania Garden on Saturday. The sun was shining, the air was a bit crisp, and the weeds... so ready to be pulled!

The recent rains have been great for many plants, and a bevy of fluffy weeds is taking over certain parts (ok most...) of Pennsylvania Garden. While I was getting things ready for the crew, May came by with her two cute dogs, who were so excited to be sniffing around the garden. Welcome!

Part of the Clean & Green
Team from SF Public Works
The crew came at 9 am, and after a brief introduction about the garden and a tutorial on weeding, I set everyone to work in the dog area. Hoes and rakes beat back the weeds, and after a few hours, we made a good dent in the weed population.

A small group also weeded near the bench, leaving it looking a bit barren with just dirt, although that is preferred to weeds!

Quite the morning's work!

I will be placing a mulch order soon to get the garden in proper order. Let's all turn out in January to spread mulch!

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