Saturday, March 12, 2016


Well folks, I've been shopping for some signs to put up at PRG and PG as scraping dog poo off the plants, off my shoes, and out of the beds in general is getting a bit old/disgusting.

Not to mention all the bags of dog poop - yes, picked up, bagged in a special dog poo bag, and then left in the garden, hung off the leaves of an Agave, or even thrown to the back of a bed. I absolutely love picking them up and then walking a few steps to a trash can - it really is what I live for!

Which sign do you think people would respond best to?

The top one is annoying in that "leash-curb" is an odd hyphenation. Mention of the law is an eye opener for some, no doubt.

This one appeals to my sense of humor. However, it doesn't give explicit instructions on what to do with your dog poo, and it seems like we have a few people in the neighborhood who need it have it spelled out to them...

Another funny one. But again, "pick up after your dog" is only half the equation. The other half being "...and then take that poop bag and put it in the trash" which appears to be very difficult for some dog owners to comprehend.

It's possible that the type of person who leaves dog crap in a garden is also the type of person who doesn't care about signs. But at least it'll make me feel like I'm doing something about this problem.

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