Saturday, February 6, 2016


Nate and Debbie
Today's volunteer workday was warm and sunny, and the ground nicely damp after all the recent rain storms we have had - the perfect day for a spot of serious weeding.

Emily, Debbie and Nate joined me in the garden and set to work - those three in the front border, while I set about weeding the Agave gypsophila bed in the middle back bed, the bottom of the steps, parts of the brights bed and the back border.

Matt chainsawing
In the meantime, Matt went to rent a chainsaw from Action Rentals.

We've been trying to get a chipper from the city in order to clear the gigantic pile of brush up in the dog area, but the plans always fall through, so in a fit of desperation Matt located a chainsaw to at least cut the fallen tree into smaller parts we can chip next time.

As the saying goes, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail... and Matt was naturally keen to chainsaw anything he could while he was able to wield the power tool.

Agave tequiliana, ex
With that in mind he took down the Agave tequiliana from the cactus wall - once stately succulent, now post-flowering wreck.

The gaping hole left by the Agave tequiliana means we have a spot for a very impressive cactus of epic proportions to fill. What will it be? A ghostly giant Agave franzosinii? A spine-laden Opuntia subulata (Cane Cholla)? Or a replacement Agave tequiliana, but this time the variegated form?

Agave gypsophila bed weeded
In a last fit of chainsaw madness, Matt also cut 1/3 of the Pittorsporum on the terraces that was dead.

Not a bad day's work!

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