Saturday, October 24, 2015

Steps done! Sort of...

Today Matt and I headed up to the garden at 9am with 2 hammers, drill and bits, level, set square, pencil, and a belly full of coffee to finish the steps.

With 4 steps remaining, we decided to make a longer viewing platform in the middle of the run as with higher risers, the steps were digging too deep into the side of the slope (and causing rubber arms from using the digging bar to cut through rock...)

We leveled off the dirt removed to make a smooth ramp at the base of the steps, and shoveled lots of dirt into the surrounding beds to get rid of it.

At the end of the day we finished with 7 steps versus the 8 planned. Perfect, aside from needing a few extra bricks for the last step.

I left a layer of sand on top of each step to allow it to sift into the cracks. I'll brush it off tomorrow when it's had a chance to settle.

Then, this winter we can replant the area - this time with only the toughest of the tough plants: Agave striata, Leucophyta brownii and Achillea "Coronation Gold" - pretty much all that's survived the drought in this spot!

Home to rest at 3pm. Another long day, but well worth it!

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