Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A hot and doggy workday

A snuggly visit at the garden
 for  Lucy and her people
Once mighty fennel is easier to remove
after you remove the top and let it wither
Saturday Eliot, Nate, Mary, Ana and I all got together to get some work done at Pennsylvania Garden (PG), Triangle Garden and the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden (PRG). It was the usual first-of-the-month Saturday workday, except for the weather, which was a balmy +80F at the garden. Despite the heat we worked hard, picking up 8 tubtrugs worth of trash (!), clearing pathways and weeding our way around all three gardens. The only gardening photo I have to share is of a fennel bulb that we previously chopped; one method for removing extremely difficult fennel is to basically cut the fennel to the grown. Then, as it attempts to recover and looses some of its death grip on the ground in the process, you come back and dig it out a few weeks later.

Snoopy gets a good shake on at PRG
We were visited by many a cute dog and their owners, and I was able to snap a photo of Lucy with her owners at PG, and Snoopy at PRG. A few people even stopped by and promised to volunteer at the next workday, so I hope to run into them again next month! Everyone is invited to our workdays, so if you can come by your help is greatly appreciated in keeping the gardens
looking their best.

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