Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Weekend Workday

Berkeley, beaming excited little dog-ness, goes to snuggle Eliot
Today we were able to get to some less frequently tended to tasks around the gardens. Annie and Matt picked through the plants along the back slope, selecting some nice ones, and spent the workday planting down at Pennsylvania Railroad Garden (PRG). Annie also picked up a mountain of trash at PRG, so I am sure it is looking much improved down there (yay!). Nate and I stayed at Pennsylvania Garden, making use of the recently turned compost by digging some in around the Dahlia imperialis (tree Dahlia), Fuchsia, the Lilium (species unknown to me) in the brights bed. We also put a lot of compost around the newly planted bed in the dog area, with the aim of improving the soil. Next, we went to the back slope and cut back/dug out as much of the fennel that we could and heard the booming voice of Eliot, trying to find us to join in for the workday!

Completely surrounded by spiky plants
 and still smiling, it's Nate!
After the fennel was all chopped into bits and put into the compost the three of us we weeded the pathways and the back middle bed. It was a great time to not be hidden in the back of the garden, as quite a few dogs and their humans came by to say hello. Many a dog was snuggled and I think a good time had by all! What a lovely day to be out and about, hopefully you'll get to stop by the gardens too and enjoy the sunshine.

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