Sunday, August 11, 2013


Taking pity on the extremely dry garden today, Matt and I set up sprinklers on a few spots for a couple hours. While the parched soil soaked up the dampness, we went around trimming, pruning, weeding and deadheading.

The Philadelphus got pruned, some Cotyledon orbiculata and Achillea got deadheaded, some Chasmanthe and Crocosmia got cut back. All good in the hood. Except that the shed's lock was melted off and clearly someone had been rummaging in there... not much taken that I could see, but we need a new lock. Sigh.

Random Verbascum

Salvia "Limelight"

Aloe ferox

Aeonium blushing

1 comment:

  1. Dog Crap Alert:
    Tall guy who smokes cigarettes with a big white dog; lives in the apartments. Just saw him this morning leaving a total mess in the garden I will confront him next time I see him, but wanted to alert PA responsible garden visitors to this problem.


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