Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Michael Coleman, you're not welcome at PG.

Alert neighbor took this pic...
This evening I got an email from an alert neighbor with a capital A that a man was hacking at the cacti at the front of PG right that moment. I threw on a coat and we jogged up to the garden to see a man doing just that, and he was pretty nasty when I confronted him.

He said he'd been poked by a cactus when he went by, but was wearing new heavy gardening gloves and carrying a hook knife... not the sort of thing you just happen to have on you when you're out for an evening's perambulation. I'd already removed all the spines from the tips of the Agave by the arch anyway... so...? Getting ready to steal the nopales from the prickly pear if you ask me. Just like the guy a couple weeks ago.

Since he was so unpleasant, I called 911 and Matt and I followed him as he lumbered off. Three cop cars caught up with him on 18th St after a brisk walking "chase" and they handcuffed him and took a statement from me. We'll be going down to 400 McAllister to get a stay away order, but if you see one Michael Coleman at the garden feel free to call 911, or indeed anyone vandalizing or stealing from the garden. Yes indeed friends, it is against the law to destroy plants in a public place.



  1. Annie, this is indeed good news. It is particularly gratifying that the police rounded this guy up. Jim

    1. Thanks Jim! It was stressful but I was glad the police took it seriously.


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