Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Parking meters? I think not!

Some of you may be aware that SFMTA plans to install parking meters in Potrero Hill and Dogpatch. A LOT of parking meters. Which will operate from 9am-11pm, seven days a week, in most areas.
Will they be on your street? Click here to read.

What does this mean? Unless you have a garage, you can expect to start collecting those expensive, heartbreaking little love letters from your meter maid soon.

And if you're a PG volunteer, unless you walk or bike to the garden you may end up paying to park on volunteer days.

Want to do somethig about it?  SFMTA are having a public meeting this Friday the 13th at City Hall at 10 am which makes it very hard for people to attend, but we need as many people as possible to try and go. If you can't, our neighbor Jim has made up a petition to show MTA that their plan is excessive. Please sign it now, so it can be handed in to SFMTA on Friday:


Sign it now!


  1. This is an awful situation. It would impact my teaching days and P Garden days. NOT a good thing!

  2. Not good at all. Sign the petition folks - the plan SFMTA has made is seriously wacky...


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