Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weed'n'Woodchip Wonderland!

Bay View Greenwaste truck
Today's Weed'n'Woodchip Workday started early for Emily and I: we both got up early to put the finishing touches to the plans we'd laid. I picked up cookies and drinks, Emily and Ryan got coffee for everyone.

Last week we arranged the mulch delivery from Bay View Greenwaste, tools from DPW so we had enough, and all sorts of emails and fliers begging people to please come help. All we had to do now was wait and see if enough people showed up.

Adam from BVGW
dumps the mulch
And thank goodness, they did. We had a fantastic turnout and despite my worries managed to get the entire dog area weeded, lots of carpet squares laid down as weed barrier, and two, yes two 20 yard truckloads of mulch spread over all the pathways and the dog area in a record 2 hours. Jim even installed a lock on the dog bag dispenser. We totally blew last year's effort out of the water - volunteers - please take a bow!

Matt, Debbie, Ted, Nate, Jessica, Carlin, Dee, James, Jon, David M., David G., Patrick, Carl, Eliot, Chris, Eddy, Maile, Jim, Emily, Janet

... and of course the inevitable person(s) I forgot to mention, I thank you all!
Sadly I didn't get any pics of volunteers, but I know other people did so please send 'em in so I can post them here :)
The final, commemorative wheelbarrow load! (pic: Jessica)

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