Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rank and stumpy...

There was an old Monterey Pine stump at the entrance to the garden, covered in ivy and really not doing anyone any good. That is, until today's volunteer day!

We all removed the ivy from the stump, then Jessica, Nate, Paloma and I created a new twig border to run around the stump, enclosing it in the middle front bed. That area needs a few wheelbarrows full of dirt to be added, and the plants rearranged, and it'll be ready to rock.

We'll also drill out a basin in the top of the stump and plant an Agave or something in it, to speed decay and get rid of the stump the natural way.

In the meantime, Emily, Leslie, Carlin and Peter weeded, watered, deadheaded Cannas, Agapanthus, Rudbeckia and more, and filled up the second of the new compost bins to the top.  Seems like we'll need to water the bins and keep them turning over if they get filled at this rate!

Big shout out to Paloma today - she got stung by the not-dead yellowjackets that are still alive under the box that the pest control guy left in the middle back bed after supposedly spraying them yesterday. Emily added caution tape to the area, and the pest control guy is coming back to fix that problem once and for all I hope. Please be careful in that area - some angry insects around... I can't believe how stoic Paloma was!

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