Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's big! It's heavy! It's Log!

Today I put my foot down: that composter is going to be BUILT if it's the last thing I do! *gnash* I've been planning a three-bay compster for a while now, and as our main heap has reached outrageous proportions it's time to separate the good from the bad. The weeds we pull, pine cones, scrap wood etc can't be used as garden fertilizer, so they will be consigned to the heap.  The household scraps, garden trimmings and so on can be used, so they'll go in the 3 bin system to turn into lovely useful compost.

I dragged Matt out of bed at the crack of 10am and we went lumber shopping at Center Hardware. We got some supplies there, but needed to drop by Discount Builder's Supply for the rest. Shopping local.

We ended up loading a cart with a dozen pieces of heavy lumber, and got a sheet of 3/4" plywood cut to size there. We hauled it all home and Matt started cutting everything to size in our garage. Here are the pieces we ended up with, ready to build our composter which will look like 3 boxes stuck side by side:

6 pieces of lumber for the vertical parts measuring 4" x 4"x 4'
4 pieces of lumber for the back of the bins: 12' x 2" x 9'
8 pieces of lumber for the two ends of the bins: 12' x 2" x 41"
2 pieces of plywood for the dividers inside: 3' x 4' x 3/4"
2 pieces of lumber that brace the front, top and bottom: 2' x 4" x 9'
16 strips to brace the insides: 1" x 1" x 4'
16 metal brackets and a load of screws... I think we'll need more.

Tomorrow we start to screw it all together! Anyone want to come help?

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