Monday, May 16, 2011

Mulching in the Rain

Despite our best efforts last volunteer day not enough mulch made it on top of the landscape fabric, so today I went out and forked mulch around to build up a nice barrier between the fabric and all of our furry dog friends who like to dig!

If you look closely in the brights bed you'll see a few seedlings coming up (Zinnia and Cosmos in a variety of bright colors). I noticed a trampled plant on the corner too, which is awfully sad because it was just getting nice and big. So please, keep dogs out of the beds, always! I also transplanted an Eriogonum umbellatum that should add some nice sulphur yellow flowers and act as a 1' x 2' groundcover once it has filled out.

The last photo is from Annie over the weekend, of the brand new Glaucium grandiflorum. I can't wait until these plants get big and covered in orange blossoms!

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