Tuesday, November 2, 2010

French drain done!

Our gravel was delivered yesterday by San Francisco Gravel! So today Matt had a day off and bless him, he went to the garden to work on the French drain.

First he dug the ditch out a bit more, then he lined the ditch in hardware cloth (it's not really cloth, it's metal mesh) to prevent dirt getting into the gravel and ruining the draining effect.

After that he started shoveling the 2600# of 3/4" crush gravel into the wheelbarrow, and dumping it in the ditch, load by load. This took several hours. And it was hot today, in case you didn't notice when you were out voting.

I was going to ask him to move the dirt dug out of the ditch up to the red bed, but he sounded so utterly exhausted on the phone after he was done shifting the gravel that I didn't have the heart! Turns out he dumped it in the sand mining hole we have down in the back. Oh well ;)

Go check out the new drain! I hope it works to make that area less soggy...


  1. Way to go Matt! I moved half a ton over several days last summer and thought I'd done a lot.

  2. Yes, 2600# is a bit over a ton and a quarter! That was hard work, I bet....


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